Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drift Chronicles: The Producers ~ NELAC

Microphone check - yeah one two checka!

This week we are featuring the one the only NELAC Beats! Some of you know this talented dude as Lyrical Preacher...you know the dude with the Chinese straw hat that rips stages from Apache to Club Crucial... Well, he sent me a joint called 'This One's for Dilla' for the Drift Chronicles project. That shyt was so fiiii...yeah 'fiiiii' (pronounced fy-re)... I recorded a lil sumthin called 'What Up Friend' to it...sort of an ode to all my homegirls in NJ, NY and Atl....

Mr. Lyrical 'Nelac Beats' Preacher recently answered a few questions for your girl..check his Q&A below...

When did you know that you wanted to be a producer? Was there a song or moment that confirmed it for you?

Before I knew there was such thing as a "producer" by title (lol), I knew I wanted to do music back in 1996. It wasn't a particular song, but more so a collection of songs that confirmed; that time frame between the end of '95 and '96 was a great period for music, especially for R&B and Hiphop. Missy and Timbaland, Aaliyah, Busta Rhymes, The Roots, Tupac, MC Lyte, and a lot of other artists were making some big moves. Even the one-hit wonders that were out during that time had put out some timeless material.

What other artist do you work with?

I'm just now branching outside of my own material as LP (Lyrical Preacher), but so far I've worked with a few underground artists. Aside from Driftee, I've done tracks for Hectic da Backpacka, Rellik Rebel, and Big Rec. Also working on a few songs with an up and coming Gospel rapper Minasta Mike, who's signed under MajorSmart Entertainment, the management I'm under. Looking forward to further networking with more artists this year.

What are your thoughts on the the state of urban music today?

It's interesting to say the least. It's almost akin to the "crabs in a barrel" syndrome, where many are reaching for the same goal but instead of supporting each other, they're pulling each other down. I can hear it in the music and the content of the artists' lyrics, as well as see it in their branding and image. Fortunately it's not everyone; Even though I don't watch TV much nor do I listen to the radio, I'm on the Internet a lot. And I've been paying attention to the gradual shift that's been taking place in the music industry to where even the executives are paying attention to the need for more authenticity in urban music. True artists and musicians have been making their mark via their following, branding, and message. It's only a matter of time before the crap gets weeded out and more attention is geared towards what the people really want to hear.

What was your initial reaction when hearing What Up Friend from Drift Chronicles?

I was smiling really hard. LOL! Overall I was excited because this was my first "official" placement with a well-known indie artist with whom I've shared the stage and been a fan of for some years now.

How can people stay up on whats going on with Nelac Beats?

They can follow me on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as sign up for my newsletter at www.nelacbeats.com.

Thanks again for this opportunity!

There you have it...

Drift Chronicles is available for Download!!

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