Friday, July 6, 2012


It is becoming harder and harder for indie artist in the Atlanta area to find venues to showcase their talent. Three years ago you couldn't walk through lil 5 Points and not get a flyer for some up and comer's event. These days - not so much. In an attempt to somewhat revitalize the indie artist scene in ATL; Street Execs, Apache Cafe and I decided to put on a series of showcase called the #Belle100 Concert Series. Shows will take place once a quarter and will feature artist I respect, admire and listen to in real life.  

The Summer Edition will feature performances by Phene, Twanee Baby, Small Eyez, Stanza, Sidestreet Ked, and Adrift Da Belle; and wil be hosted by Fort Knox and Sonny Gillespie. Fans are sure to enjoy a great night of music from start to finish.

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If you dont know who Stanza is...well, what are you doing with your life. He's the dude that made that know the A-Town song. It should be ATL's official anthem.I must admit sometimes I forget that I'm not a native when Mr. Stanza performs his ode to his hometown. It's that dope. Check Stanza's website for more info on this dynamic artist and to download his latest project, Searching for Bobby Fisher.
Twitter - @iamstanza

Sidestreet Ked

If you have ever left your home, filled up gas tank, walked through East Atlanta Village or MJQ you have seen this dude's stickers. Sidestreet Ked, the EFFN is the Dungeon Family second generation poster child. He is a member of the Dungeon Family's second generation collective - Dungeoneze. He is also an avid ARTIST. Ked makes beats, draws, paints, plays instruments, shoots/edits video,  graphics, he's a butcher - baker - candle stick maker. And well a damn clever MC. Visit Ked's site to view the video for this newest single "Hey U" ft. Muffy.
Twitter - @sidestreetked

Small Eyez

Meet the soul man! That's right Mr. Small Eyez. This Ohio native has been taking the indie scene by storm for a minute.  According to Small Eyez, his new project 'Sounds like Cappadonna meets Stevie Wonder'. NWords is currently available on Small Eyez's site. Since his release he's been ripping industry tracks just for the heck of it and getting alot of blog love for it.. His music makes you think and groove - at the same damn time!

Twitter - @smalleyez


God on a Greyhoud!  (Phene's newest project) That's the next artist newest project title. As a fellow Tri-stater, I know exactly what he means. Phene is revered as one of the best at conveying his story via word play in a way that is cautionary yet inspiring. He recently landed a gig opening for D Block in home state of PA. He'll be back for the show though. In the meantime, check his site for more info on the god and to browse his catalog.
twitter - @phene

Twanee Baby

When I first met Twanee I didnt know if he rapped or sung. Or produced or what. He is one of my studio mates at Mudnoc Studios so we would always run into each other while recording. He in the Penthouse w/ Noc (Studio A) me in the Projects (Studio B) getting my one woman show on. I dont know about other artist but if someone is in next studio Im listening a little bit to see what its hittin know. Twanee never disappointed. Always a nice groove coming from Studio A when he's in other comment...hahaha..Check out Twanee's site for more details on his music, shows and endeavors...
twitter - @twaneebaby

Adrift Da Belle
Do i really need to do this...i mean ...its my blog..for more info on me check my bio page... and download Drift Chronicles...Please and Thank you

Twitter - @adriftdabelle

Hosted by Fort Knox
Hosted by DJ Dynamite

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