Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Check out my interview with EMTheories.com

EM THEORIES: Can you tell the people your name and where it derives from?

DRIFTEE: As a child I secretly toyed with the notion of becoming a professional Hip Hop Artist. I wanted to name myself something significant and I wanted the name to be similar to my given name (Adrienne). So I looked in the dictionary and came across the word Adrift. The word Adrift has a somewhat negative connotation but so did my wanting to be a rapper, at least according to my parents. My first ‘stage’ name was Adrift Discourse. I dont like to tell people that. That name was corny..It had to go...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

R.A.W [Official Music Video]

I like to call this phase of the #belle100 campaign "VISUAL CONFIRMATION "... Here is the official video for my first single off of Drift Chronicles 'R.A.W' produced by 8Track.

This video was shot/directed/edited by @Hdotross on one of those Africa hot days in Atlanta..I think it picks up where More left off..how bout you?

Stay tuned for new visuals for 'Get Money', also directed by hdotross, and 'Love Somebody' directed by W.Feagins, Jr. Coming Soon!!!

Enjoy!!!! (Click Below)

Drift Chronicles is available for Download on Livemixtapes.com. Click below!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Drift Chronicles: The Producers ~ NELAC

Microphone check - yeah one two checka!

This week we are featuring the one the only NELAC Beats! Some of you know this talented dude as Lyrical Preacher...you know the dude with the Chinese straw hat that rips stages from Apache to Club Crucial... Well, he sent me a joint called 'This One's for Dilla' for the Drift Chronicles project. That shyt was so fiiii...yeah 'fiiiii' (pronounced fy-re)... I recorded a lil sumthin called 'What Up Friend' to it...sort of an ode to all my homegirls in NJ, NY and Atl....

Mr. Lyrical 'Nelac Beats' Preacher recently answered a few questions for your girl..check his Q&A below...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Drift Chronicles: The Producers ~ D.R.U.G.S

D.R.U.G.S came in and had everybody going crazy....

Some artist have producers that they will always work with. Producers with whom the chemistry is undeniable. I have been fortunate enough to find such a producer, his name is D.R.U.G.S (Dope Real Under Ground Sounds)

Check my Q&A with D.R.U.G.S below

Friday, July 6, 2012


It is becoming harder and harder for indie artist in the Atlanta area to find venues to showcase their talent. Three years ago you couldn't walk through lil 5 Points and not get a flyer for some up and comer's event. These days - not so much. In an attempt to somewhat revitalize the indie artist scene in ATL; Street Execs, Apache Cafe and I decided to put on a series of showcase called the #Belle100 Concert Series. Shows will take place once a quarter and will feature artist I respect, admire and listen to in real life.  

The Summer Edition will feature performances by Phene, Twanee Baby, Small Eyez, Stanza, Sidestreet Ked, and Adrift Da Belle; and wil be hosted by Fort Knox and Sonny Gillespie. Fans are sure to enjoy a great night of music from start to finish.

Click below to learn more about each artist

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Drift Chronicles: The Producers ~ Trak Specialist

And the beat goes on!! 

I'm on a mission to showcase the producers that help me make great music...

Drifters meet Trak Specialist, the genius behind Drift Chronicles' 'What Do I Want'

Per previous post, Drift Chronicles was a group effort. Meaning, an artist is truly only as good as their production. Bad production can make a great artist sound mediocre and great production can get a shitty artist a grammy. (Dont believe me -- roll the video tape)

So what happens when there is a meeting of the minds? Glad you asked, tracks like Trak Specialist's produced 'What Do I Want' from Drift Chronicles is what happens. This is another one of my favorites (check my Stupid Dope interview where I explained that this is my favorite project-period). I loved the beat from first listen. This was one of those beats that I got and recorded immediately.
Trak Specialist
'What Do I Want' was another joint that I got from Karol Russell, again didn't know what to expect just wanted to do something different than what I usually do. Enter Trak Specialist with that infectious ass bass line that urged me to purge...I was turnt up from first play. 

He a bad man yall!!

Check out our Q&A Below