Thursday, June 7, 2012

This labor of love...

What up yous doing? Im gearing up to shoot 5 music videos over the next few weeks and to to tell you the truth... i aint excited... this music is truly a labor of love..if your heart aint it - you shouldnt be....i guess im feeln some sort of way today...this is mos def one of those days when i feel myself being over music and the memories of a cubicle, business suit and bi-weekly pay start to be fond ones...i shutter at the thought of giving up though..thats what this shyt does to get tired of it. 

i met a guy at the beer fest last sat who told me his story..he was chasing his dream, opening for popular acts, deal on the table;  when it all began to be too much for him... so now he develops artist and writes for others..he said he got frustrated with the politics and grind of it noticing that this is the sentiment of a lot of my peers these days...5 years ago we had ferver for this...we were down for alot of us are like "maaan, imma make my music and if you like it - you like it". Thats how its suppose to be - but i cant help but wonder if the climate of today's music industry (content, deteriorating skill levels, etc) has made it so truly talented artist dont have a chance...its as if some of us are (dare i say)  too fuckin good to be apart of todays music climate!! Not my words...those are my cousins words..we sat and discussed the different types of music and what constitues real vs. regular hip hop ... he said those in his circle call Wiz Khalifa Real Hip Hop...while those in my circle consider J. Cole, and Big K.R.I.T real hip hop...when i mentioned J. Cole cuzzo responded " oh, J. Cole should be outta here but to some he just to fuckin good"... we laughed at the irony of that quite possibly being the case and sighed at the same time cuz sadly thats really the fuckin case...

Shyt is frustrating B! 

if you like me though you wont give up ..maybe i will ..ok maybe not least i hope i wont...time will tell

lets go back in my videos of yesteryear ...join me as i inspire myself to press on and prep for this video shoot marathon im about to embark on...sssseeeesshhhhh!!!!

Take your Time - (circa 2008)

Breathe - (circa 2009)

Real Song - (circa 2009)

Can U Feel It - (circa 2009) 

**I'm gettin goosebumps yall...dat girl bad!! hahaha**

Cheba Cheba - (circa 2010)

Adrift Da Belle ft. Methuzulah "Cheba Cheba" Music Video from Will F on Vimeo.

More - (circa 2011)

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