Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drift Chronicles: The Producers ~ The Stonejonzon Project

 "It's about production baby - uh huh yeah"
(In my Diddy/Puffy/or Whateva he goes by now - voice)

I know ... Im  corny sometimes...its cool long as I aint lame.. HA!

The Stonejonzon Project

Next up on Driftee's blog couch is The Stonejonzon Project. These dudes are freggin amazing. They are an Alternative Hip Hop group by day and a Production team by night. Soooo, they're kinda like music superheros. If you dont know who Simon Stone (the artist), Heavy Mojo (the band), or Mista Jonzin (the Dj /Producer) are I would suggest you seriously consider expanding your musical horizons. There's a big world out here boys and girls!

The Stonejonzon Project produced another one of my favorites from Drift Chronicles Die/Frontin.  I must admit the first time I heard it I was taken aback. In fact, it took a while for me to record it because it invoked feelings of Jersey - some good ones and some bad ones..It worked out for the best though..

Check below for my Q&A with Simon Stone of The Stonejonzon Project

When did you know that you wanted to be a producer? Was there a song or moment that confirmed it for you?

I had to produce because nobody would give me beats I liked. I would always force myself lyrically to fit something that wasn't. I like to take chances and not hear what is on the radio. Mr Jonzon [and i] work together really well. I bring the weirdo space-age keys and [he] brings the east coast hip hop flavor.

The Song that confirmed it was hearing Massive Attack "Mezzanine" I wanted to hear more music like that

What other artist do you work with?

Heavy Mojo is the primary band. I have done some work the beat junkies, as a writer. We are getting into doing jiggles for tv ads which is some good money! Going to start a project with Sky Hy, Mr Murph (The DBSC) as well that is gonna be crazy. Working on a punk rock project as a writer, and producing a acid house artist.

What are your thoughts on the the state of urban music today?

Sad and uninspired as far as radio. It is a MUST now to search for artist on the net. The saddest thing is that people are ok with artist doing what other artist are doing. Cats now can make the EXACT same song with slight differences and nobody has a problem. Biting used to be a no no. Now in mainstream it is a must. Sad

What was your initial reaction when hearing Die/Frontin from Drift Chronicles?

Blown AWAY! Drift bodied that joint. My original version was actually sad and grimy. Lyrically Drift took far beyond what had [been] written for it. I must say the track went to the right person. She BODIED the track above expectation

How can people stay up on whats going on with Stonejonzin Project?



The dudes are always performing...check out their reverbnation page for their complete show schedule..They do not disappoint.

Drift Chronicles is available now for your downloading/listening pleasure!

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