Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rude Awakening!!!! This is Georgia!

As most of you know, I’m a hybrid. Born in Savannah, GA and raised between Brooklyn, NY and Essex County, NJ. I have a diverse group of friends and associates, I went to SCAD, worked in Corporate America, hell - I was even a Peer Minister in High School. So I consider myself to be somewhat evolved for my age. The idealist in me expects those I encounter to embody that same evolution.

Last Friday, I was rudely awaken. I was reminded that I did live in / was born in Georgia. Not the Georgia we see on ‘Single Ladies’ or the Georgia us urbanites enjoy, but the Georgia we learned about in Social Studies and History.

This is what happened.. I went to see my family in Savannah on Thursday. After visiting with them it was time to head back to the A. No sweat right, all I had to do was hop on I16 west and I’d be home in 2.5 - 3 hours.. Fate had other plans and I had a blowout.

I called roadside assistance. They were very accommodating, polite and such. They advised me that a someone would be out in 45 mins to change my tire. (If you know me - you know I’m not changing a tire. Sorry. No haps).

The tow truck driver calls me and asks me if I had a spare. I said “yes, I have a donut”. She said “ok, where are you?”. I explained to the woman that I was between mile markers, but was definitely in Statesboro, GA. Statesboro, GA has three exits on I16, so my thinking was if she went to the first one and drove west she would find me. She again said ok, and told me it would take her about 45 mins to get to me.

I didn't trip. I pulled out my blackberry and decided to get some writing done. The tow truck driver then calls me back and asks for my location again. I again explained that I was between mile markers - meaning there were no mile markers, or exits around me - but I was in Statesboro, GA. I don't know if her phone started to break up or what but she began to get frustrated. I didn't reciprocate, after all - I need her to come change my tire right. So I tried to explain my location again when bad reception hits.

I could hear everything she said but she couldn't hear me. I kept saying hello to no avail. Something told me not to hang up the phone as she may not be able to get a signal to call again. So I stayed on the phone and kept saying hello in hopes that she would hear me.

She must have thought I hung up on her because she flew off the deep end and called her dispatcher (with me still on the phone mind you) and said “She’s a bitch”. She went on to say “and she’s a nigger”. No wait there’s more “I aint riding up this road to change no nigger bitch’s tire”.

That was the first time I was ever referred to as a “Nigger” by a white person in my life (to my knowledge). I called her back - no answer. I called her dispatcher - no answer. So I called roadside and got another tow truck driver. It was sobering but mostly sad. I say its sad because an we are both adults and I’m sure she works because she needs money. What’s sad is some people - all over the country - still don't want “nigger dollars” in this day and age. I always thought that the only color that matters is green. Maybe that’s just me. I could’ve called her back and “blacked out” but what would that prove. I just made a complaint with the insurance company and hopefully they will no longer have a contract.

Here’s my thing. It’s 2011 the President is black and cats is mad. Period. Stay on your toes people. Ignorance is still bliss and rampant.

Ignorance can not defile you if you refuse to let it. One to grow on.

Be Brave - Be Blessed - Be Great!!

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