Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prayer changes things...

Soo I know I'm suppose to be plugging a single, or chatting you up about me but I dont feel like all that today. I want to share a prayer I read this morning that shaped my day and will shape my actions and thinking for days to come....

My prayer for today: "Lord, help me to rein in my emotions and also my pride – for when
I'm too self-conscious, I forget to be more conscious of You. Help me to think before I speak, because I’m Your ambassador in a lost world where a disingenuous, religious spirit has left a bad aftertaste. I can either represent You well – or I can drive people even farther away from knowing how wonderful You are – all by the words I let escape from my lips.

You instruct us to be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. Help the inside of my vessel to be clean and not just the outside, so that when from the abundance of my heart my mouth speaks, my speech doesn't betray me – or You.

Taken from "Open Mouth, Insert Foot" by Lisa Crum, today's Streaming Faith.com featured Devotional.

Be Blessed - Be Brave - Be Great!!
Love, Driftee

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  1. I needed that prayer,but as well as my friend keep me close why dnt u Cll or hit me up and let me knw what's good w u. I feel some way but respect the game as well. I'll see around just keep me posted good things r happening for both of us and i NEVER 4GET U ADRIFT