Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I know it's the 9th Smart Ass!!

Sooo look, I know the project was suppose to come out yesterday but look mayne the DJ      (Mr. DJ E.Sudd) that is being so kind as to mix this here jem is currently on tour w/ 2 Chainz getting his money!! Apparently, they had a few hang ups yesterday thus causing the delay...

Dont fret my pets...yall know drift aint gon let you down. You should further know that the Queen is always worth the wait... So in the meantime, enjoy the 4-5 joints floating around the net...we got 11 more coming!!

Oh, yeah...might as well introduce yall to the new team too while im at it huh

Mr. Allen Parks 
(I call em Mon - yall can call em when you want to give me some money)

(I call this man more than I call my boo..damn shame..smh...good dude!)

DJ Teknikz  

(He's just an all around goodfella...with a hell of a sense of humor & mean  pool game)

Now the goal is to get the Driftee logo up here....yall know about me and my goals..hahaha

So, listen folks.. I love yall for real i do..but dang it stop texting, calling, @'n me asking for the project...its coming and when it does make sure you download it!! That shit is maybelline baby- SOOO WORTH IT!!

XO, Drift

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