Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Drift Chronicles !!!!!

Drift Chronicles drops on 5/8...I've been told this is my best project to date. I'm proud of that. As an artist I strive to get better and better. I finally have a team that understands and supports me and my vision, for that I am so thankful . It's hard sometimes to pursue a dream. Doing so alone makes it unbearable. Just when I was ready to give up, God sent me a team. God is so good! (Street Execs/True Talent - Wooot!! Wooot!!)

I gave you more Adrift Da Belle the person than Adrift Da Belle the lyricist this time. Its great to be dope - its a blessing to touch people on a human level. No matter our color, creed, sex, gender, orientation - the fact of the matter is we all go through the same shit in ways relative to our personal lives. So this project "chronicles" what I've been going through since my last full length album (Garden State Parkway)... The good, bad and the ugly... 

Dont cry for me Argentina, Im doing well!  I own Kookarooos!! (hahaha)

Check out the first single R.A.W. and tell a friend to tell a friend to Download Drift Chronicles on 5/8 (FREE) gift to all of you ... XO, Drift


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