Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home!!!

Whats Hoood!!!

I just got back from a much needed visit to my beloved New Jersey. It was the best of times - its was the worst of times - it was the realist time. I am strong believer in knowing where you are from and never forgetting the place that made you who you are. That's probably why I go home so much. Atlanta is a great place to live. However, for most of us, it serves as an escape (if you will) from our often harsh roots. The bricks (and the Oranges & Irvington by extension) aren't all bad. In fact, its all good. Had it not been for that beautiful realism of these places - Adrift wouldn't be Adrift.

Gotta shout out my kinfolk who always have a room ready/car for me drive when I come home - The Abrams family (Jahfee, Kattina, Quadir, Quamel, Gotti & Gorgeous). I love yall to pieces. I'm sending a carton of stoges soon!

This journey has taught me alot (I mean the whole journey). One thing I've learned is that you have to surround yourself with those that celebrate you. So that you can have the confidence, love and support to go out and do what you are called to do. With that, I would like to extend my love and thanks to my brother by another mother Bill$, his girl Danelle, and both their families. Bill$ and I have been friends for over a decade and from day one he has been the big brother I never wanted..hahaha...just kidding. He's a nag - its only cause he loves me. Friends are the family you chose for yourself. #Trustory

Big shout to Keisha for the awesome road trip!! You da best homie!! I think we both needed that!!

Peace to Aunt Lois, Tahirah, Jhanene, Mona, Boogs, Reg, Rell, Tronya, Rabihah and everybody else I chilled with (or spoke to) this past weekend. Yall dont know - every time I see yall my batteries are re-charged & I feel fortified. I love and appreciate each of you. Be Blessed - Be Brave - Be Great!!!!!

Here are some pictures taken by my bum berry!!

Thats right!! Thats a big ass pink bus that reads "KNUCKLE BUS"... #OIN (Only in Newark)

On our way into Newark (downtown) we found the last pay phones in the country...being used by Poppy... Please note, how Poppy is chillin' like that's his personal phone...#handsanitizer

Cook out prep...Danelle and her twin nephews...I think they were trying to do an on going taste test and she wasn't having it.. #Goodtimes

Bill$ making his secret BBQ sauce..I told him I'm getting him a chef hat for this B-day...he was so sincere about this bbq

My contribution to the festivities was assisting in making the best macaroni salad EVER...i chopped 46 tomatoes, 27 onions, 16 bell peppers, & 32 red peppers...How did they get me to do this you ask...they kept playing my favorite club hits...ok I didn't chop that many vegetables- it felt like it though...

Notice the elders to the the shade..across from the liquor and away from the sun...these queens had me dying ...they got up and did they two step and everything...#iluvrealppl

Meet Shareef Solider world...Shareef Solider meet the world... Whats a cookout without a pitbull laying around...he's beautiful...wanted to take him home w/ me
Bill$ had grills on deck...the middle one are the ribs..nobody eats pork back home... Me and Danelle do...YUMM!! #Dontjudgeme

Yeah, I eat a lot at the cook out. I wasn't leaving home without having an Italian Cheeseburger...Beleeeeeeee Dat!!! Peace to Sandwiches Unlimited..if you are ever in Orange, NJ - Check em out..right off Main Street.

That's all folks!!! Its time to get back to work...I got a lot of people pulling for me back home...And, that feels amazing!!!!

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  1. Aww homie..home is where the heart is..goung back always humbles me...thanks for the shout..but mt name is spelled kisha.. lol love ya home-skillet