Friday, April 9, 2010


I don’t blog. Tweet – YES. Full on Blog – NOOO. I figure you want to know about me ... Buy the album. But, I digress..
Garden State Parkway is officially released to ATL. Meaning, if you see me you can cop one and it’s available on Bandcamp. I cant front- I get the whole bandcamp thing – just don’t like that everyone can listen to your whole album without buying it. I digress – again.
The release party was on 3/5/10 and it was DOPE. I mean DOPE. Big shouts to Eljay William, Shay Williams, DJ Rasta Root, DJ Jah Prince and the whole Face Off Friday Crew. It was a great night. It was the beginning of something great. I feel it in my spirit.

Give it a it...enjoy it.. and as always Thank You for being interested in what i have to say.

You could listen/follow/be inspired/hell even hate anyone but you chose me...for that I am greatly humbled and Grateful

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